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The Anglesey Sea Zoo

Case Study

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The Anglesey Sea Zoo

The Challenge

sea-zoo Located on the coast, with a typical history for a poorly served rural location, a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) broadband service was the only affordable option available. However, due to fibre optic broadband infrastructure improvements elsewhere on the Isle of Anglesey, the WISP made the decision to cease operation. Fortunately, the local fibre (FTTP broadband) enabled exchange in Bangor indicated that service was now available for their location and if supplied would greatly benefit the organisation, providing significant cost benefits in comparison to the alternative dedicated (leased line) Ethernet solution. A problem then became apparent with the initial broadband order for a new fibre service. Following multiple failed visits, the broadband provisioning team finally concluded that the fibre provision contractors would not accommodate the necessity to sympathetically route the optical fibre to the desired location without detrimentally impacting the visitor centre main entrance. Meanwhile the deadline for the WISP termination was approaching and the impact for a loss of service would be critical for collecting payments from visitors, day-to-day management, and research communications.

The Solution

By a chance referral, In2Com was introduced to the management team to discuss an emergency broadband solution to ensure some continuity of service. During the consultation we knew we had some options available including a point-to-point wireless link across the Menai Strait to a point-of- presence (POP) in Caernarfon Gwynedd. After the first meeting and following some additional research, it soon became apparent that the problem encountered with the fibre provisioning contractors was a lack of coordination, so we took the lead and designed a new solution. Our work program was straightforward – to route the fibre optic in the ground of the property so as to navigate around the main entrance without impacting visitor access. Due to the deadline, we prioritised each task as critical and began onsite trenching immediately following customer acceptance. Once trenching was close to being completed, we ordered new fibre and laid ducting. Then working closely with BT OpenReach and BT Openreach contractors we coordinated the provisioning and testing of the new service line.